Donation for Headstone for Chloe Nicole Jones

Chloe Nicole jones was an amazing young lady that brightened up everyone’s life’s, she always had a smile on her face always let out a giggle when you copied her…. chloe ws blind suffered from numerous conditions such as epilepsy, curvature of the spine, poor growth but never in all her life did she let anything stop her smiling…. she was such an inspirational little doll you wouldn’t believe. She used to communicate by tapping her belt of the wheel chair… tapping the arm rest of her chair. Shouting words like hiya… mamma… Where’s sue, bock bock when she was thirsty.. one thing chloe loved was noise especially music… she touch the lives of everyone that came in with her including Micheal Sheen who she played alongside in the passion play back few years ago. God took an amazing little girl to become an angel she already was to loads…. especially her family.

We donated £150.00 Tom’s band The Mids very kindly gave up their time for free and put on a gig and raised a further. £445.00