"Angela's 50th Birthday Bash" 19/11/2009

Angela” What a Fab Night”, Special thanks to¬† Angela Lodge for deciding to forfeit birthday presents and kindly requested if anyone would like to make a donation to¬†” The Rachel Waters Remembrance Fund For¬† Wales Air Ambulance”. A very special thanks to everyone who kindly gave¬†,

Total Raised = £308.60

“Not sure if it was Russel Crowe or Andy Lodge we saw at the Party!!!!!!!

Total Raised £22.466.21

" Tony Francis 60th Birthday at The Tafan y Trap Kingsbridge 11/11/2009

Tony very kindly¬†requested donation’s¬†For Wales Air Ambulance¬†instead of gifts in memory of our ” Rachel”, the band ” Jam St” who played at the party also¬†kindly made a donation.¬†Tony didn’t look a day over”59″ ( ha ha )

A very special thank you to Grant for his donation the Pub Quiz Team and all at The Tafan y Trap who kindly donated their accumulative quiz winnings.

Total Raised  £331.61

Thank you to everyone who kindly donated

Total Raised £22.067.61

The Rachel Waters Remembrance Fund For Wales Air Ambulance

RachelWe would like to thank everyone for their hard work and commitment to successfully achieve our original target of £20.000 which was set for 2 years, we are currently at £21.736.00 in just  8 mths. We are  not setting a time limit all fundraising will be ongoing.

Again,¬†We wish to thank everyone for their past,present and future assistance in achieving our goal in raising as much money as possible for the “Wales Air Ambulance” a very worthy and much needed cause.